– Kroger eSchedule at

Welcome to, the official login platform of all Kroger employees. The Greatpeople website was available at the web address until 2021.

However, in 2021, the website and Kroger Express HR webpage was replaced by the new associate website at

On the new web portal, Kroger employees can connect quickly with other employees from other departments.This portal can be used by skilled workers and official Kroger associates to keep track of your employment status, edit personal details such as postal address, download W-2 forms, view Kroger paystubs, and access their work schedules via the Kroger eSchedule application.

The new Intranet portal has been renamed from Greatpeople to FEED, but you can still access it at the old web address.

How to register on the Portal.

This section of the article about the Kroger Employee Login Portal guides you through the registration process. Here are some steps for Kroger employees who don’t know how to create a Account.

  • New employees cannot register on the employee portal by themselves. Each new employee will be issued with an EUID login name and a system password in order to access the Kroger website. You will be registered once you are officially employed. Ask your manager for your EUID, if you do not know it.
  • After registration, visit or The page will now redirect you to
  • Customers are required to fill in the login portal login and verification details necessary for authentication.
  • Enter your employee ID, your password. employee portal
To log in for the first make sure you are on the correct website. Enter or in your browser. Then, enter your EUID and password and click on ‘AGREE’.

Login to your account at

This section explains how employees can log in to their accounts to gain easy access.

  • Visit, the official website for the Kroger Employee Portal. The page will re-direct you to You can also begin the login process at, or alternatively the mobile-optimized login page at
  • To continue, click on the Connection tab.
  • Enter your username and password into the area below the image. Click on the Login tab for access to the account.
  • After accessing the portal, employees will need to reset their password for the first time they use their account.
  • Logging into allows users to view discounts and manage work hours, product orders, and much more.
  • The company also allows users to view all available consulting jobs as well as the current vacancies.
  • The Kroger portal will notify employees immediately.
  • To access all features offered by Kroger, log in to Kroger Login
  • Users can access the employee account to view the complete employee profile and request that they fill in all details.
  • All employees have access to their data and reports regarding hiring, particularly on the company’s official website. kroger employee login
An alternative login page still exists. Enter in your web browser to find it. Then enter your Enterprise User ID and password and click on ‘Sign In’.

The Users Have Multiple Options.

Employees of a company need to know what has to offer.This platform was created to assist brand employees.You have made significant investments in multiple product lines.This website is designed to keep you informed about the most recent business information. These are just a few of the many benefits and features that this website offers.
Management: The role of company leadership is vital in building your online presence. Seniors can use this site to comfort their colleagues at work. This site can help you keep track and improve your performance. An online portal can provide an impartial and independent way to receive progress reports. Management can also use the online portal to communicate with their subordinates.
Presence Control – Presence in a company is a key criterion. Kroger, as well as all other supermarket chains has a policy of not paying time off. You can see how many sheets have been left using the attendance tracker. You can also update the site by updating the office’s presence. Your monthly salary will be determined by how many hours you work and how much you have been present.
Payroll – The salary at the end each month is determined by the payroll. All the information you require can be found on the Kroger employee site. This information can be used to calculate your taxes. The online portal allows you to access your payslip and download it.
Bulletin – Being a great employer is not easy. It can be difficult to define the individual messages for each employee. Websites can be used as a means of mass communication among employees. This is a great way to communicate internal messages.
Complaint handling: All reputable companies should be able handle internal complaints. These platforms are what have landed big brands in serious trouble. On, you can complain about any manager or colleague. You can also use it to expose misconduct of any kind.

The Portal: What You Need to Know.

Each employee, or employee working in different stores, has the chance to access the benefits/services at the appropriate time. The portal already provides services such as payroll, work data and salary. You can also access announcements, incentive, announcements, weekly plans, tasks, daily or current updates, and many more.
Referring to the benefits, all details regarding health and life insurance, discount vouchers, emergency IDs, and pensions have been presented correctly. This portal is a key to any company’s outstanding performance.

What to do if you have forgotten your login credentials?

It is vital that your login information be kept safe at all costs. Your employee account could contain sensitive personal information. You must make sure that you do not give your access data to any third parties. This could lead to the loss of your account and all information within it.
You can reset your password online if you forget them. Employees should change their password immediately if they suspect someone is trying to access the account.

Forgot your Enterprise User ID?

Employees should know the company’s username at all times. This username is required to access your work account. You will need to know your corporate username ID if you want to access corporate systems.
Please enter your identification. This information is not case sensitive so you can enter it in either upper or lower case. If you aren’t sure of the name of your LDS company, ask your manager.

Forgot your password?

  • Visit the official website to reset your password.
  • Click the “Click Here to Access PassPort” button on the left side of this page if you want to log into other corporate systems with your EUID or password.
  • Click the “Click Here” option to the right if you don’t want to use your EUID or password with another system.
  • You will be asked for your company name and information about employees.

Once you have verified your identity, follow these instructions to reset the password. For further assistance, please contact Information Security or your store administrator. Your account.

Eligibility Criteria: Find out if you are eligible.

Kroger has its own rules and regulations regarding customer participation in GreatPeople.Me Customer Login. You can find the exact same information below.

  • Participating in the GreatPeople.Me program is voluntary. You should also note that Kroger products do not increase your GreatPeople.Me search chances.
  • You can only take part in the Login once.
  • The Kroger Feedback Login lasts seven days after it is received.
  • To participate in this Login, participants must be at minimum 18 years of age
  • Participating in the GreatPeople.Me Login can’t log into Kroger.
  • Only legal residents of the United States are eligible to participate in the GreatPeople.Me Login.

Advantages of the new Kroger Employee Website.

Kroger employees were the inspiration for the creation of the new Kroger employee website,named FEED. This website is the most important resources that workers have access to, and it replaces the old and Kroger HR Express websites. It is easier to use, more user-friendly, and Kroger employees can access information such as work hours, payroll, discount, and other Kroger news. To access this page, you must first be an employee of Kroger and have registered at
Your identifiers (your EUID) are what you use to communicate with your account. This username and password will be provided by the Kroger Company Branch Manager. If you would like to access your account and other functions, you can log in at any time.
Kroger, a supermarket chain founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1883 is the largest. The Kroger retail store is second to Walmart in terms of its popularity. You can find a wide range of products in this store at any US location.
Kroger believes that customers and employees are the most important marketing base. was created to keep employees informed about what’s happening at the company.

The new FEED portal serves as a single source for information, where employees from all Kroger family companies can find everything in one place. This includes employees of Kroger, Ralph’s, Pay-Less, Fred Meyer, Dillons , and others. The new website offers more personalization and makes it easy to access your schedule, discounts, company news and department resources.

FEED Benefits:

One source for everything.
Modern design.
Better navigation.
Mobile access.
Improved user experience.

Information about the Kroger Employee Portal.

Kroger, an official platform for employees, is Kroger This portal is an official platform for employees of It helps all employees to complete important tasks online and maintain a productive perspective.
Kroger employees have access online to Kroger express HR payrolls, regardless of where they are located. also allows representatives to access their Kroger W2 forms.
Kroger is updated daily with company news and details for employees. Employees have access to the work calendar, which allows them to plan their shifts. Kroger employees can also track their payroll and records online. Kroger portal users can communicate with other members of the same company who have an online account. You will need to enter your login details in order to access your Kroger Employee Portal Account.

How do I win rewards after logging in?

  • Before you begin the process, make sure to familiarize yourself with Kroger’s sustainability.
  • There are more than 1000 competitors for the prize. data-id=”115″>Be sure to give unique answers.
  • Kroger management will be more open to your creative ideas.
  • Focus on the employee’s behavior.
  • You must ensure that you don’t give the incorrect answers to the GreatPeople.Me questionnaire.

Kroger Customer Login Login is fast and easy for Kroger customers. The Kroger administrator will choose the winner at random. data-id=”127″>The results are usually published within ten days. The winners will be awarded $ 100 gift certificates and the lucky winner will win $ 5,000 cash.

Learn Who can access this login portal. cannot be accessed by everyone. It was created for Kroger employees, and employee from the family of Kroger companies,
Kroger strives to have a positive relationship with customers and all employees who work for or with them. allows employees to post their concerns and comments about Kroger on this website.
This portal link allows employees to view management changes and receive notifications about price fluctuations for their goods or services.
The portal allows employees to view their payroll, any payroll modifications, and to also share their views.

The following employee portals have been integrated into the new portal:

Baker’s – Employee Website.
City Market – Employee Website.
Dillons – Employee Website.
Food 4 Less – Employee Website.
Foods Co – Employee Website.
Fred Meyer – Employee Website.
Fry’s – Employee Website.
Gerbes – Employee Website.
Jay C Food Store – Employee Website.
King Soopers – Employee Website.
Kroger – Employee Website.
Mariano’s – Employee Website.
Metro Market – Employee Website.
Pay-Less Super Markets – Employee Website.
Pick’n Save – Employee Website.
QFC – Employee Website.
Ralphs – Employee Website.
Ruler – Employee Website.
Smith’s Food and Drug – Employee Website.

Kroger HR Contact Information:

For employee related questions, call the Kroger Support Center at 1-800-952-8889.

Contact Customer Service at 1800 952-8889, 1-800 576-4377. Say “password” or press 20.

You will need to call the corporate office in order to reset your password to protect your records.

The Kroger corporate office and HR phone number is: 1-513-762-4000.

The Kroger HR employee email address is: [email protected].

About Kroger Co.

Kroger (or The Kroger Company) is America’s largest retail chain by sales. They are the second largest retail service in terms number of stores. It is fourth largest private employer. The company has strong market presence because it is on S&P 500.
Kroger operates in America through either its subsidiaries or directly. The brand is present in more than 2,757 supermarkets, department stores and grocery stores. The company can be found in over 35 stores across the United States.
With their 242 stores, they have also made investments in the jewelry business. Today, we’ll see how Kroger manages its internal communications via the website.

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