Feed Kroger Login at Feed.kroger.com.

View your https//feed.kroger.com Kroger Eschedule at Kroger Feed in just a few steps. Feed.kroger.com used to be called Greatpeople, but Kroger Feed is now the official online website for employees at Kroger. On the Feed.kroger.com portal, Kroger employees can view their upcoming work schedules and paystubs online and from their mobile phones.

On the Kroger employee portal, employees must have a Enterprise User ID and a Password in order to to access their Kroger profile.

Kroger eSchedule.

Kroger eSchedule, also known as the Kroger ESS Schedule is the Kroger employee work schedule application. The application shows regular
working hours for the upcoming weeks, as well as holiday hours information for
registered Kroger employees.

Everything you need to know about the Kroger Schedule Login
at feed.kroger.com can be found below, including FAQ for new employees:

Quick Login for Feed.Kroger.com:

  • Kroger Employee Official Website: https://feed.kroger.com. The Feed Kroger Login page is used for for employees to check their Kroger schedule.
  • Feed Kroger Login Requirements: You must know youtrKroger EUID number and your Password
  • Can I check my Kroger work schedule online? Yes, you can check your Kroger employee schedule.
  • Can I check my paystubs online? Yes, you can view your past Kroger payslips online.
  • Kroger Customer Support phone number:  1 (800) 576-4377.

Kroger Feed Login at Feed.kroger.com – How do I Log In?

This is how you access your Kroger employee details, including your Kroger schedule, at Feed Kroger com.

  1. Navigate to the Kroger Feed official employee portal at www.feed.kroger.com in your internet browser. Alternatively. you can also log in from https://ess.kroger.com, but ess.kroger.com is mainly used for paystub access.
  2. Enter your Enterprise User ID and password in the two red boxes/fields on Kroger Feed portal login page.
  3. Click on the “I AGREE” button.
  4. Onece logged in, you will see Kroger “MY E-plan” next to “Store
  5. Click on MY E-plan to and check your Kroger work schedule.

Kroger Feed Login – Rules and Requirements.

These are the Feed Kroger com Login Requirements:

  • Make sure that you at the official Feed Kroger Official Website at Feed.kroger.com.
  • Make sure you have a valid Kroger Enterprise User ID and password.
  • You must be a current employee to access the Kroger Feed portal.
  • You must PC, mobile phone, or a tablet with a working internet connection.

Note: Don nott share your Enterprise User ID and Password with
coworkers, family or friends.
Always access the portal from https://feed.kroger.com or https://ess.kroger.com.

What can I use the Feed Kroger Portal for?

  • With the Kroger Eschedule application, you can check your upcoming schedule every day online.
  • You can apply for holidays or PTO, if you need a break.
  • Apply for leave of absence.
  • You can change your W4 form with the Feed.kroger.com websites.
  • You can view your W2 Tax form with the Kroger associate portal.
  • You can check your Kroger payslips/paystubs online.
  • You can change your personal data online.
  • You can change your post address in the system, if you have a new address for W-2 forms, payslips or more.
  • Change your contact details such a personal phone number.

Feed Kroger FAQ.

Why can’t I log in to my Kroger Feed account?

Check your User ID and password one more time. Remember that your password is case-sensitive, so check that your CAPS lock button is OFF on your computer. If you copy and paste your details from somewhere, check that that you left out all spaces. Check that you have a working internet connection.

I have forgotten my Kroger Enterprise User ID. How do I retrieve it?

Visit https://edi.kroger.com/EDIPortal/forgotUserid.html, and enter your name and your email address.

I have forgotten my Kroger Feed Password. How do retrieve a lost password?

Visit https://edi.kroger.com/EDIPortal/forgotPassword.html, and enter your User ID and email address. You can also change your password on the instore employee computer. Open the IAM app to change your password.

The Feed.kroger.com website will not open. What am I doing wrong?

If you are abroad, the Feed.kroger.com website may be blocked at your location. Alternatively, try accessing sso.kroger.com or ess.kroger.com instead, or try loading the portal with another device, such as a mobile phone or laptop. Check that your internet connection is working.

I’m a new Kroger employee. How do I register for Kroger Feed?

After a week of employement, your HR should have registered you in the system, and provided you with an Enterprise ID and password. You can also register for Feed Kroger at https://edi.kroger.com/EDIPortal/register.html.

What is my Kroger Enterprise User ID?

The Kroger Enterprise User ID or EUID, is your personal employee number. It will begin with your initials. It will be issued to you when you begin employment at Kroger. If you do not know your EUID, then contact your manager or HR.

My store is switching to Kroger Mytime. I cannot log in with my Kroger Feed details.

On Mytime.kroger.com, password expire every 80 days, and you must reset it. The password can only be reset in-store in the IAM program. Expired passwords can still access Kroger Feed and Kroger ExpressHR, however.

Where do I check my Kroger schedule? I used to use Greatpeople.me, but it no longer works.

To check your Kroger work schedule, open the Kroger eschedule page on Feed.kroger.com, or use the new system at Mytime.kroger.com. Alternatively, you can download the Kroger Kronos Work Schedule app (Now UKG Dimensions) at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kronos.dimensions.enterprise.

Other Kroger Resources.

Homepage:  www.kroger.com

Kroger Employee Login page: Feed.kroger.com

Kroger Careers page: www.thekrogerco.com/careers/

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