About Greatpeopleme.net.

Greatpeopleme.net is an in-depth guide to the Kroger employee website.

We have added complete step-by-step guides to all of Kroger’s official employee portals, such as Greatpeople.me, Feed.kroger.com, Kroger HR express, and more.

We answer any questions that new Kroger employees may have, including how to sign up for a Feed.kroger.com account, how to view your Kroger eSchedule online, how to obtain your Kroger W-2 form, as well as frequently added questions about login problems and HR contact phone numbers.

For information about how to contact the Kroger HR, please see our Greatpeople.me page.

To contact us directly, please see our Contact page.

Disclaimer: We are an informational website only. We are not associated with, or owned by, the Kroger Corp. All logos, trademarks and images belong to their respective owners.

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